Farming Forward at Bloomfield

If gardens could talk what would they say? For New Zealander Jodi Roebuck, a bio intensive farmer and mentor with immense knowledge of the land, gardens would ask about weather just like the rest of us. They would also call for more carbon. Seemingly a dirty word,  “carbon farming” is one of the most effective ways to reduce greenhouse gases by using grazing and growing techniques to capture the heat-trapping gas in the soil and make things grow intensely!  Simple right?

Jodi spent a couple of weeks with Caley Morrison, our farm manager, visiting California’s farming and grazing visionaries like bio-intensive pioneer John Jevons in Willits and shepherd Leland Falk in Sea Ranch. Jodi, a smiling man and a powerhouse of enthusiasm, says that combining “mob” grazing techniques with the animals and using living ground cover with deep soil preparation will use less water, less amendments and produce more food and fodder than the usual conventional and even organic farming.  These techniques have arrived at Bloomfield in a real way and as we farm forward we will go beyond organic and incorporate Jodi’s ways into our growing future.  Grazing, gardening and bringing it to the kitchen couldn’t be a more perfect triumuferate in Bloomfield’s holistic approach. 

Cooks and Books: Cheese Making with Louella Hill (SF Milk Maid)

Spring is here, Summer is on the way, and we've got a lot of fun events coming up on the farm. The first is a hands-on workshop in fresh cheesemaking with Louella Hill, otherwise known as the San Francisco Milk Maid. She is the author of Kitchen Creamery (Chronicle Books, April 2015) and the Bay Area expert on cheese making. 

We will start class by covering the basics of cheesemaking before launching into making our own individual to-be-aged bloomy rind cheese and a fresh ricotta. We will taste samples of fresh local artisan cheeses with our in-house guava membrillo perfectly paired with local hard apple cider. 

After class, we'll break for a stroll around the farm and simple lunch prepared by our own in-house chef Andrea Blum using ricotta of the day, herbs and the greens freshly harvested from the farm. You won't want to miss it!

Details:  Saturday, June 13th, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Tickets are $100 each. To purchase, please click here!